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Where Can I Buy Ddp Yoga Dvds? (Best solution)

What is the price of a DDP Yoga Max pack in dollars and cents?

  • $79.99 plus $63.99 shipping. Purchase Immediately! DVDs from the MAX Pack (6 DVDs, Poster and Program Guide) For a limited time, your DVD order will also include three months of free access to the DDP YOGA Now app, which will allow you to take advantage of progress monitoring, culinary demonstrations, live workouts, and monthly motivating films!

How many discs are in DDP Yoga?

Each of the 11 exercises in the four-DVD set ($79.99, lasts around 40 minutes and range from a peaceful 10-minute “Wake Up” session to a super-challenging “Strength Builder” and “Double Black Diamond” session that last approximately 40 minutes.

How long is beginner beginner DDP Yoga?

A total of 45 minutes is spent on various segments for the beginner beginner. There are two types of beginning workouts: Beginner and Beginner Beginner. For those of you who have not worked out in a long time and require some tweaks to get through the fundamentals, DDP walks you through the process step-by-step so that practically anybody can do it!

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Is DDP Yoga real yoga?

Diamond Dallas Page, a former professional wrestler, is the inspiration for DDP Yoga (real name: Page Joseph Falkinburg). A more intensive type of yoga, it focuses on strength-building postures while simultaneously burning calories and increasing flexibility and balance, as well as developing flexibility and balance.

Can you build muscle with DDP Yoga?

Unlike conventional yoga, DDPYOGA is a hybrid exercise that involves certain classic yoga movements while also including dynamic resistance, active breathing methods, and power movements to create a more rigorous and results-oriented workout. DDPYOGA is not for beginners. The primary advantages are body fat reduction and the development of lean muscle. Yes, it is possible!

Can I download DDP Yoga?

Download the DDPY app and use it for free for the next seven days! It’s the best bang for your buck you’ll find anywhere on the world! Get access to all DDPY exercises and programs, as well as fresh material like as the most recent workouts, food shows, and weekly inspiration from our coaches and DDP himself, among other things.

How long is a DDP Yoga Workout?

DDP Yoga is available as a four-DVD package that includes 11 sessions that vary from easy to extremely demanding. During each session, which lasts around 40 minutes, the workout is planned to be completed over the course of 13 weeks.

How do I get DDP Yoga on my TV?

Navigate to the Display Settings menu and seek for a menu item that allows you to mirror or cast your screen. Mirroring your computer screen to your television (Android)

  1. Android smartphone having an operating system of 4.4. 2 or above. Both devices are linked to the same wireless network (Smart TV or Streaming Device, such as Chromecast, Roku, or similar).
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Was DDP Yoga on Shark Tank?

The Transformation of Arthur! During the DDP YOGA presentation on Shark Tank, viewers were exposed to the extraordinary tale of Arthur Boorman, a crippled paratrooper who dropped 140 pounds and recovered the ability to walk (and run) after using the DDPY technique in his daily life. Watch his transformation and learn more about his story in this moving video.

Is DDP Yoga now free?

Exercise monitoring is included in the free 7-day trial, and users may access the extensive collection of exercises, nutritional films, recipes, and motivational material by subscribing to the service on a recurrent basis.

How much is DDP Yoga a month?

There are three different pricing options for the DDP yoga app. Memberships are available on a monthly basis for $29.99, a three-month membership for $39.99, and an annual membership for $107.88. Each membership includes a seven-day free trial period.

Is the DDP app worth it?

5.0 stars out of 5 for this product This is an excellent program! For the past five weeks, I’ve been following the program, which I strongly suggest if you’re seeking for a low-impact butt kicking workout that produces results. This product is well-worth the money because of the range of exercises available, as well as the several additional features.

Where is DDP Yoga located?

The overall rating is 5.0 out of 5. This is an outstanding program!! For the past five weeks, I’ve been following the program, which I strongly suggest if you’re seeking for a low-impact butt kicking workout. Due to the wide range of workouts available, as well as the several additional features, it is well worth the investment.

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Do you need yoga mat for DDP Yoga?

The practice of yoga is always evolving, with DDP Yoga being one of the most popular male-oriented styles now available. His style of Yoga is so incredible that you’ll need a decent mat in order to execute it properly.

How much is the DDP Yoga app?

The following subscription durations are currently available: One Month Membership ($34.99) – provides subscribers with one month of premium content, which is renewed each month. Members receive three months of premium content for the price of $49.99, with the subscription renewing every three months thereafter.

What is DDP on demand?

The Demand Driven Institute (DDI)TM is the world’s leading provider of Demand Driven education, training, certification, and compliance services and products. A trained teacher is assigned to each participant to assist them with their learning activities during the duration of the course.

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