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How To Install Ubuntu On Lenovo Yoga And Remove Windows? (Best solution)

Is it possible to install Linux on a Lenovo laptop with relative ease?

  • It’s simple, and in many circumstances, you won’t even have to uninstall the Microsoft Windows operating system that you’re now using. Linux, on the other hand, is basically free. So what are you waiting for? Get started today! Yes, you can purchase Lenovo laptops and Lenovo desktops that come pre-installed with Linux.

How do I remove Windows after installing Ubuntu?

It is possible that the instructions will differ depending on the distribution and your individual configuration, but for the conventional Ubuntu setup, they should look somewhat like this:

  1. Insert a live CD or USB drive containing your Linux distribution and launch the partition manager on it (like Gparted).
  2. To delete a Windows partition, right-click on it and select “Delete” from the context menu.

How do I uninstall Windows 10 completely and install Ubuntu?

What you need to do is as follows:

  1. Make a backup of your info! Do not skip this step since it will result in the deletion of all of your data during the Windows installation.
  2. Create a bootable Ubuntu installation on a USB flash drive. Install Ubuntu from the Ubuntu installation USB disk once it has been booted. Follow the steps in the installation procedure.
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How do I remove Windows 10 and keep Ubuntu?

Select the Windows partition that you want to use (it will be of type NTFS and will probably have a pale green border). Delete it by going to Partition > Delete. Optionally, you can expand your Ubuntu disk to accommodate the additional space. You might be able to accomplish this by choosing it (it’s of the type ext4) and selecting Partition > Resize/Move from the menu bar.

Can I delete Windows after installing Linux?

If you installed Linux first, it’s possible that you’re utilizing the Windows Boot Manager because Windows would want to make sure that its own utility is available. The Windows System Configuration tool will allow you to delete the Linux item in a straightforward point-and-click method using the mouse.

How do I remove a second operating system from my computer?

Take the following steps:

  1. Start by pressing the Start button. Type msconfig into the search box or click Run. Go to the Boot. Choose which Windows version you’d want to boot into immediately from the start menu. Select Set as Default from the drop-down menu. You may get rid of the previous version by selecting it and then clicking Delete. Click Apply.
  2. Click OK.
  3. Click Apply.

How do I remove Windows and install Ubuntu without USB?

Follow these instructions to install Ubuntu without the need of a CD/DVD or a USB pendrive:

  1. Unetbootin may be obtained by clicking here. Uninstall Unetbootin and reinstall it. Now, from the Type drop-down option, pick Hard Disk.
  2. After that, select Diskimage from the drop-down menu. To proceed, click OK. Following that, when you reboot, you will get a menu similar to this:
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How do I remove Windows and install Ubuntu without losing data?

This may be accomplished by starting GParted in live mode. If you choose graphical installation, a menu will appear after a few steps asking you to do the necessary partitioning. Select the Windows partition that you want to erase, and then click on the Delete button. This will wipe all of your data on your Windows drive, but not on any other partition.

How do I uninstall Ubuntu and install Windows 10 without disk?

This can be accomplished by following the steps outlined below.

  1. When the Dell logo displays, press F12 to bring up the menu. Select General Boot Sequence from the drop-down menu. Ubuntu should be selected in the Boot Sequence section, and the Delete Boot Option button should be clicked. Restart your computer to get things going.

How do I install Ubuntu on Windows 10?

Installing Ubuntu alongside Windows 10 [dual-booting] is a simple process.

  1. Install Ubuntu using the ISO image file. Creating a bootable USB drive is required in order to write the Ubuntu image file to the USB device. Reduce the size of the Windows 10 partition in order to make room for Ubuntu. Start the Ubuntu live environment and follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

How do I remove Ubuntu in the BIOS boot menu?

The majority of it is located in EFI/distro name. sudo rm -r ubuntu will remove that directory and its contents. Please double-check that you are deleting the correct directory before proceeding.

How do I completely uninstall Ubuntu?

Simply boot into Windows and navigate to Control Panel > Programs and Features to complete the process. Locate Ubuntu in the list of installed applications and uninstall it just like you would any other software, following the on-screen instructions. Your computer’s Ubuntu files and boot loader entries will be immediately removed by the uninstaller when you run it.

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Do I need to delete Windows before installing Linux?

You must manually erase the partitions utilized by the Linux operating system if you wish to install Windows on a device that already has Linux installed and then uninstall Linux. It is possible for the Windows-compatible partition to be created automatically during the Windows operating system’s installation process.

Which is better Ubuntu or Windows 10?

Generally speaking, developers and testers favor Ubuntu because it is extremely strong, safe, and quick for programming, but typical users who want to play games and do work with Microsoft Office and Photoshop will choose Windows 10 since it is more user-friendly and easier to use.

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