We believe our program is one of the most comprehensive and organized around. The Rasa Foundational Teacher Training not only provides a safe and thorough education, not only provides ongoing faculty & community support, but you will also find yourself inspired and amazed by the confidence developed and cultivated around your inner teacher. 


     Sarah Sol, eRYT-200
– Program Director; Anatomy; Sequencing; Vocal Work; Special Groups

     Matthew Downard, eRYT-500

     Sarah Guneratne, eRYT-200

Other senior and master guest teachers



  Yoga Intensive (9 weekends)
Feb. 7-9, 14-16, 21-23, Feb. 28-Mar. 1, Mar. 6-8, 13-15, 20-22, 27-29, Apr. 3-5
  Teaching Intensive (4 weekends)
Apr. 24-26, May 1-3, 8-9 (10th off), 15-17

Exact times for each weekend provided soon after your application approval has been received. Generally, we meet Friday evenings in Ashland, and Saturdays/Sundays in Medford usually late mornings through the end of the day. Subject to shift slightly based on holidays and other events.

*   Attendance is mandatory for all days; should student need to miss any sessions, s/he must obtain prior approval from director of training.  If more than 2 days or a weekend are missed, may impact ability to graduate under this program.

** Guest faculty may be interchangeable based on their individual travel schedule.


Below outlines the tuition options. Upon the start of the term, student receives a free unlimited yoga class pass to support the curriculum’s required number of studio classes with RYTT faculty.

Yoga Intensive: $2200 or Early Bird $2025

Entire Training: $3150 or Early Bird 1/1/2020 $2900, Super Early Bird 12/1/19 $2800

Upon successful completion of the training, student will receive certificate to submit to Yoga Alliance. Student sends certificate and his/her payment to Yoga Alliance to register as a RYT. For more information on Yoga Alliance.

Registration fee: a $200 registration fee must be submitted with application, and is non-refundable unless the application is rejected. It will be applied to total payment or first season’s split payment.

Refund PolicyIf it is determined after the training has commenced that a student is unable to complete the total training hours for whatever reason, the student must forfeit the pro-rated used tuition plus an amount equal to the registration fee. No cash refunds are available if more than half of the training has been completed, however the student may receive a credit for the prorated amount of the remaining time towards the same training next year; in approved circumstances, may only extend unfinished training in the following calendar year. In all cases, certificates are only awarded when all requirements have been completed.


Rasa’s 200 hour teacher training and study course is designed to immerse you in the fundamental and transformational art of teaching yoga.  This course will offer you the practical tools to step into your place as a teacher with knowledge, inspiration, integrity and clarity.  Students will graduate with an understanding of the history and philosophy of classical yoga; fundamental principles for effective teaching all levels and abilities of students; a solid understanding of anatomy and its application to the yoga practice; a comprehensive guide to the subtle energetic body through the lens of Ayurveda and Eastern medicine; as well as a look at the business of being a yoga teacher.

The uniqueness of our program is multi-fold. Whether you are seeking to deepen your practice or teach yoga in a safe and authentic way, our curriculum guides you down a path of unfolding your personal journey. The program is divided into two parts: the Yoga Intensive and the Art of Effective Teaching. The first, a 9-weekend intensive, allows those who are not interested in teaching professionally and therefore not pursuing the Yoga Alliance certificate, to take their yoga practice to the next level and delve into the art and science of an ancient tradition and current day applications. The second encompasses 4 additional weekends to immerse the student in the art of effective teaching. Regardless of the path one chooses, the Rasa Yoga Teacher Training supports and encourages the teacher within and tapping into one’s authentic voice.


The Yoga Intensive is designed to deepen one’s yoga practice. The program thoroughly examines asana alignment, pranayama technique, and the sequence and arc of the vinyasa practice. In addition to the physical practice, the Rasa intensive explores the history of Yoga, yogic philosophy, mythology and the energetic body. Students will be given tools to increase their knowledge base of the yoga practice and hold space for others in the class room. Homework assignments are given throughout the Yoga intensive and are part of the 200hr requirement.

Topics that are covered in the Yoga Intensive are:

  • Yoga as an 8 limbed practice
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Surya Namaskar technique
  • Asana Alignment and Lines of Energy
  • Pranayama and Meditation Techniques
  • Classical and Post Classical Yoga
  • Energetic Body and the Chakra System
  • Philosophy & Ethics
  • Ayurveda and the Yogic lifestyle
  • The meaning of Aum and the authentic voice
  • Sequencing a Vinyasa class
  • Verbal instructions and cues
  • Working with special populations and injuries

The graduate of the Yoga Intensive will receive the Rasa Yoga Teacher Training certificate, however in order to qualify for the 200 hour Yoga Alliance registry, you must take the next segment in the same year.


Once the student completes the Yoga Intensive, he/she is qualified to continue to the second portion of the training to complete their Rasa 200-hour certification and become RYT200 Yoga Alliance certified. The second portion of the 200hr program is a 4 weekend course that hones the student’s teaching skills. It is intended to prepare the student to teach yoga to the general population. Here students explore the intricacies of sequencing and verbal instructions. They will fine tune their authentic teaching voice and have ample opportunities to practice teaching their peers. The second portion also instructs students how to safely and gracefully apply physical adjustments and modifications in their classes. In addition to the classroom hours, students must complete all homework assignments, teach 3 Rasa donation classes, complete 5 elective hours, present a final presentation & final exam to complete the 200 hr program.

Topics that are covered in this segment:

  • The Art of Sequencing & Pacing Vinyasa Flow
  • Clarity of Communication and Vocal Authority
  • Seeing bodies
  • Physiostride
  • Modifying the Vinyasa class for beginners & injuries
  • Prenatal
  • Practice teaching
  • Physical Adjustments
  • Teaching privates
  • The business of yoga

Unique to Rasa Yoga Center, one of the requirements for graduation of the 200-hour program is that the student teach 3 of our community donation classes on Fridays at 4:30. Teachers in training are given an opportunity to teach a class at our Ashland studio location for our communities. Students may sign up to teach more than 3 classes if they choose. Students are also required to continue a regular yoga practice outside of teacher training and are given a free yoga pass for the duration of the teacher training.

For the 5 elective hours, students may:

  • Teach extra donation classes
  • Take any Rasa workshop outside of teacher training at a TT discounted rate
  • Donate their teachings at any of local schools who participate in a yoga program

Requirements for graduation:

  • All classroom attendance (make ups may be discussed in advance and are subject to the student’s expense)
  • All homework assignments turned in by the end of the training
  • Completion of 5 elective hours
  • Teach a minimum of 3 donation classes
  • Final Presentation and Final exam
  • Co-director(s) objective and subjective evaluation of student’s performance during term

Students successfully completing all of the above will receive a Rasa Yoga 200 Hour Teacher Training certificate that will allow the new teacher to register with Yoga Alliance and receive the RYT200 accreditation.


Anatomy, Asana & Applications to Yoga Practice

  • The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: Classical Yoga Philosophy
  • Principles of Alignment, Use of Props & Safety
  • The Principles of Sequencing – the Ritual Arch of a Class
  • The Art of Effective Teaching: Observation, Conscious Touch/Adjustments, Verbal Communication, Planning Classes, Cultivating Confidence
  • Ethics and Living Yoga
  • The Art of Breathing & Meditation
  • Subtle Body & Energetic Alignment
  • Ayurveda & Applications to Yoga Practice and Lifestyle
  • Restorative Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, & Yoga for Special Interest Groups
  • Seeing & Understanding Bodies
  • Business of Yoga

Also includes Independent Assignments, Required Reading, Practice Teaching, and the end of term Yoga Focus & Presentation


  • At least 2+ years of a consistent personal yoga practice
  • Completed application with deposit
  • Acknowledge and sign the Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines
  • Must attend 2-3 Rasa classes with an approved RYTT faculty
  • Interviewed or pre-approved by a RYTT co-director


The required reading will be provided to students after approval of application. The Training Manual is given at the first day of training, with handouts provided throughout. Books part of the required and optional reading are at the cost of the student, with many available at the Rasa Medford Boutique.


The Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon is truly a special place. It has become a destination for all types of travelers, from theatre-goers to outdoor enthusiasts to wine connoisseurs, and now, to yogis. When you are not in workshops or a teacher training, we encourage you to experience all that Southern Oregon has to offer – the Shakespeare Festival, the Britt Festival and Gardens, visiting award-winning wineries, fine dining and shopping, river rafting, hiking, biking, and Crater Lake National Park.

Rasa Center has two locations in Ashland and Medford, at the base of the beautiful foothills leading to the Oregon Cascades. We are a short distance from the historic town of Jacksonville, and the cities of Grants Pass and Klamath Falls. The nearest airport is in Medford.

Taking the 200-hour training at Rasa was the best thing I ever did.  Sarah Sol and the other faculty members were wonderful teachers.  I really felt I got a well-rounded education and do feel prepared to teach yoga classes safely and confidently.  I highly recommend this training!” ~ B. Lee