Class types & Policies

Students should recognize and respect their physical practice and boundaries to prevent injuries. Please participate in the classes appropriate for your level, on any given day. If you do have any injuries, please notify your teacher prior to starting class.

To find the right class and teacher for your practice, please review our class descriptions, in conjunction with the assigned levels and teacher biographies, in order to find a good fit. Also, please feel free to ask one of our front desk yoga consultants, who would be happy to discuss the various styles, forms and expressions found in Rasa classes.


*Indicates this class is a great choice for beginners

*Align & Refine – Non-flow class focused on specific alignment and refinement of postures. All levels.

Ashtanga Inspired –  Ashtanga Vinyasa is a system of sequential postures and a practice that is meant to be explored experientially as deeply meditative and as relaxing as it is energizing which creates strength and flexibility in the entire body.

Donation Flow All – Taught by new teachers to the area or those in the Rasa teacher training program. *Suggested $5 donation. **Seasonal in conjunction with Rasa 200HR Teacher Training.

Flow Yoga – Develop awareness of the physical energetic body by dynamically sequencing breath and movement; building endurance, flexibility, strength, concentration and grace.

*Level I – Beginning; Level II – Intermediate; Level III – Advanced; All – Assumes student has taken at least 5+ classes with us.

*Gentle Yoga -Emphasizing awareness of the breath, postures are practiced at a slower pace, stretching the body gradually. Appropriate for pregnancy, beginners, and seniors.

*Hatha Hour – Hour-long hatha yoga class that will put equal emphasis on flow and form.  Class will move at a steady and consistent pace for the duration of the hour, but will not sacrifice form needed to do so safely.

Heated Flow – A flowing vinyasa sequence practiced in a heated room (approx 90-95 degrees).

Kids Yoga – A 60-minute yoga class for kids ages 4-8. Focuses on breath, movement, mindfulness, and fun while establishing a foundation of basic yoga principles. **Seasonal

Kundalini – Yoga that utilizes postures, movement, breath, sound current and meditation.

*Mellow Flow – A slower flow practice focused on breath initiated movement.

Moms Yoga – All-levels, hour flow class. Complimentary kid care for preschool age is available or, if the child is under 6 months, may do mommy and me yoga as long as it is not disruptive to class. Must pre-register 24 hours in advance, online registration is preferable.

Power Flow – Vinyasa flow class that vigorously moves the body while simultaneously calming the mind. Level 2/3.

Postnatal – Recover from birth more harmoniously, relieve stress and tension, get back in touch with your vital energy core strength and inner balance. Come whenever you feel ready or have a providers approval (usually around 6 weeks postpartum). Bring your baby until he/she is crawling circles around you!

Prenatal – Increases the strength and flexibility of your body to promote optimal baby position for birth. Class is for moms-to-be only.

*Rest & Restore – Restorative postures that provide ample time to experience healing.

Sunrise Flow – Dynamic sequence of poses intended to awaken and energize the morning mind and body. All levels.

*Yin Yoga – Meditative practice where poses are held longer to strengthen connective tissues and joints.

*Yoga Basics – Perfect for the student interested in cultivating healthy alignment of postures (asanas), learning the correct use of props and creating a deep connection to breath. Practiced with more vigor than Gentle but less than a Flow class.

Yoga for Peaceful Embodiment (Donation) – A practice specifically focused on helping to heal wounds, internal struggles, and heartache. This is a 75 minute, specially sequenced, gentle flow class, with no touch, no assists, that is trauma/loss sensitive and designed to foster peaceful embodiment and well-being.
The special class is an invitation to practice yoga as a vehicle to inhabit your body and meet yourself exactly where you are at in this moment. It is an offering of support that will be grounded in Ahimsa*, a safe and nurturing environment with an emphasis on breath, movement, mindfulness and choice as we expand our capacity to stay present to the gifts and complexities of our internal lives.