Who we are

Rasa Center is a confluence of many people and many things. The quintessential character of our center is based upon the understanding of the Sanskrit word ‘rasa’, which is rich with expressive meanings, such as taste, nectar, essence, divine love.

In our daily living, rasa is the cultivation of the senses, the authentic awareness and experience of the pure essence of every moment. It is with that beautiful notion that we at Rasa Center endeavor to bring to our community.

Like graceful rivers and meandering streams, forming a natural yet powerful confluence, we believe that together we can nurture and support one another in single, global kinship. Through yoga, by our words and actions, in peace and in struggle, with our family and friends and strangers alike, may we experience rasa in the simplest, or perhaps the most complex, of our every day moments. In all these ways, we are motivated by movement.

Yoga is so much more than stretching and asana (poses). It extends beyond the myriad of inspired and sacred texts. After all, it is a 5,000 year old tradition affecting so many people and cultures that it is mind-altering to think of the influence, then and now. We hope you’ll see for yourselves the innate power and simplicity of your own yoga practice. The truth of it is that when you bring a few people together to share a collective vision of peace and giving and love and responsible activism, more people show up, and something crazy-wonderful happens.

I hope you show up too ~ whether it’s to take some classes with our amazing teachers, or participate in workshops with premier visiting teachers from around the country. Maybe you’ll come in to learn more about getting certified as a yoga teacher through our teacher training program. Or perhaps, you’ll participate in one of our popular, long-held retreats.

Whether you are new or old to yoga, wish to learn more outside of the class setting or have stories you might want to share, I encourage you to visit us at here on this website to learn more about our upcoming events, or just meander on in to one of our studios, and allow us to be inspired by you.

Mariane Berry & the rest of the Rasa Team