Susan Sherrill

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Susan began practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa in the Primary Series in 1999 and has a committed dedicated daily self practice.  She has practiced for nearly 14 years specifically under Melissa Cooley’s guidance, as well as recently with Sharath K Jois.  She holds a teacher training in Anusara Vinyasa from Ashland Yoga Center with Vanessa Scott since 2012 and a Master’s degree from Southern Oregon University. Since then she has practiced Prajna Yoga with Djuna Muscall and attended workshops with Sarah Joy Marsh and Sharath K Jois.  She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Therapist and holds training’s in Yoga and Mindfulness specializing in recovering from the use of substances and complex trauma.  Susan teaches warmly from the heart while following the Primary Series and the spiritual and philosophical approach of Ashtanga or the 8 limbed path. She is currently teaching Ashtanga Inspired Vinyasa flow following the Primary Series in a led/counted format.  On New and Full moons she will weave in elements of the Second Series and moon salutations which correlates to the energy in our bodies.  She often will substitute classes and follows a mixture of Ashtanga and Anusara flows.