Rachel Weisberg

Rachel We

Rachel was just 17 years old when her dad brought her into her first Bikram yoga class. Having tried her hand at no less than 5 different sports during her years in High School, upon her first class she finally felt as though she found a physical discipline that was holistically challenging enough to keep her interest. She practiced inconsistently for the first couple of years until a bout of carpel tunnel from waitressing sent her back to the yoga room to heal her misalignment. When her chronic pain was absolutely cured from the series, she was deeply convinced of the importance of the practice to her health and began to practice as much as she was able.

By the age of 21 she was so inspired by the practice and the changes she saw taking place in herself and those around her, that she decided to expand her natural understanding of the practice to a whole new level and attend Bikram’s Teacher Training in the fall of 2010.

Rachel loves the inclusivity of yoga, the never ending opportunity it provides to grow, and the absolute honor and inspiration of witnessing people work towards their health. It is truly a heart passion and joy for her to be a bridge for people’s greater understanding of their body and practice.

When she’s not practicing yoga on the mat, Rachel can be found gardening, cooking new recipes and dancing her baby to sleep.