Natalie Pennington

Yoga is my home and my greatest refuge. Although I began practicing yoga to complement my running, I was soon drawn into the subtler aspects of practice. My time on the mat became a gift to myself, an invaluable opportunity to draw my mind away from its usual concerns and toward the sanctity of my body and the refuge of the present moment.
While I was initially called to teach in order to enhance my role as Rasa studio manager, I soon fell in love with teaching in its own right. I have learned more through teaching at Rasa and my yoga outreach to teens than I ever could have learned as a practitioner alone. Every class I teach reminds me what I love about the practice and that yoga can truly change lives one breath at a time.
I teach a strong vinyasa flow class guided by my study with Sarah Sol and Jamie Elmer. I believe in the importance of practicing safely and sustainably even as we push ourselves so that yoga may benefit us for as long as we wish. My teaching is also increasingly informed by my time with my spiritual mentor, Paige Cogger, as we explore yogic and Buddhist philosophy in greater depth.
When I’m not on the mat, I enjoy spending time in nature with my German shepherd, Gandalf, as well as traveling and on retreat to deepen and expand my personal practice as I continue to learn what it means to fully live yoga.