Matthew Downard

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Matthew Downard is a passionately driven teacher. His accessible, energetic classes integrate the best elements of power yoga, anatomical alignment, and one pointed focus. His enthusiastic approach to hatha yoga will educate, empower, and stimulate your body and senses. Matthew has taught in a variety of different environments, educating a wide range of students and practitioners. His clear and focused instruction will bring maximum impact with minimal effort.

My classes deliver a strong physical practice, an education about technique, and tangible philisophical teachings. The approach I use is challenging, yet accessible. Classes are lead with intention and focus, to allow you to note progress in your practice.

My goal is for you to feel as if the work you have done makes a noticable difference on and off your mat. Whatever your aim is as a practitioner, we can use the tools the yoga practice has to offer, to feel more balanced, accept without judgement, and see ourselves as we are.

To get a sense of my teaching style and what to expect in a class, please see my YouTube channel for Matthew Downard Yoga.