Destiny Love



Destiny began her yoga training in 2007, while studying Musical Theatre at Ball State University, where she self-studied yogic and sacred texts religiously. One book of yoga particularly struck her, the Sivananda Companion to Yoga, and it was from this book that she had the inspiration to travel to India, alone at age twenty-one, to live in the Sivananda Kutir Ashram and study traditional Hatha yoga. The training was rigorous, and incredibly valuable, nestled in an idyllic setting deep in the Himalaya Mountains near the headwaters of the sacred Ganges (Ganga) River. She was initiated into the Sivananda lineage while in the ashram, receiving the spiritual name Purna. When she returned from India, she was given a classroom at Ball State University to teach Sivananda Hatha Yoga— the first yoga offered in Muncie, Indiana!— and taught Monday through Friday morning at 7:30am; she called it “Rise and SHINE Yoga”. After graduating from University, her heart took her to Costa Rica, where she landed a great job at the European School in Heredia teaching yoga to the teachers and to pre-schoolers as well. Soon after, she met the owner of a beautiful yoga retreat center, Anamaya Resort, and received her dream job of being the resident yoga teacher there. She taught 1-3 classes daily, 7 days a week— a true initiation into teaching, and the discipline she needed to solidify her practice, and awaken her intuition to teach many varieties of yoga. She also had the opportunity to study with many guest teachers while she lived at Anamaya. On top of this, she also trained in a one-month Ashtanga Yoga intensive, studied with Shiva Rea, Saul David Raye, and many other wonderful teachers. She has also been deeply inspired by the teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati, founder of the Bihar School of Yoga.


Destiny is gifted in holding safe, clear, and transformational space. Her classes are intended to expand the capacity for breath, prana, life-force in the body; she teaches how to use the breath as “medicine”, and that the state of yoga is only possible through the awareness and expansion of breath in the body. Awareness of embodiment is core to her teaching style, and how to use awareness to soften tissue and release pain in the body. She infuses her classes with the energetics of yoga, the chakra system, and teaches how each asana, each pose, affects not only the physical body, but also the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies. Her teaching style is slow and contemplative, deeply rooted in a traditional holistic yogic system. Destiny has also recently been initiated into the Buddhist Drukpa lineage, and her teaching is richly steeped in Buddhist wisdom, as well as Yogic-Hindu spiritual philosophy.

Destiny is also the founder of My Embodied Voice and Embodied Voice Yoga has been called a “Dakini Voice Healer” by Karma Rinpoche of Bhutan, as well as a “Shamanic Voice Healer” by her clients and students. She is proficient at helping people to open their throat chakras, and in doing so, assisting in the purification the rest of the energetic system (including the physical and emotional bodies). She teaches regular workshops and receives private clients. She is a sacred songwriter and performer (as Destiny Love), and also a transformational space holder and facilitator of Shamanic Cacao Ceremonies. She is happily married to a fellow yogi, and is the proud mother of her greatest teacher, her daughter.