Brittany Martinez


Brittany began practicing yoga in 2004 in a physical education class at her University in Santa Barbara, California. After her teacher training with Frog Lotus International in Costa Rica, she practiced and taught Hot Power Yoga for three years in Redlands, CA. After a life-saving relocation to Southern Oregon, Brittany began to re-establish her teaching practice with Rasa Center for Yoga and Wellness at the end of 2014, and now happily and gratefully teaches several Gentle and Slow Flow Yoga classes at Rasa each week. Brittany has also recently entered into an apprenticeship with Sarah Sol and thanks all of the gods every day for bringing this powerful teacher into her life.


Brittany’s classes are designed to provide and support the space and mind set necessary to inhabit the body. She warmly encourages her students to find a space of ease and contentment within the body that will reflect and support ease and contentment within the mind. Brittany endeavors to create a space that allows the practitioner to experience the inborn and inalienable pleasure of inhabiting a living, human body–a pleasure that we so often forget amidst the business and striving of our daily lives. The culture around each and every one of us so frequently encourages us to believe that we must constantly attain something more, something new, something beyond ourselves in order to find happiness and peace. Brittany suspects that may not be the truth, that peace and contentment may in fact inhere to us, as our birth right, and that they may just be available to us simply by closing our eyes, watching our breath, and asking. Her classes are an invitation to you to experiment with this hypothesis for yourself. To look at what is, and to determine of your own power and sovereignty what is good and true for the body and the life that you have been given. She suspects that life and the body that you have now may just be perfect.


Brittany is learning for herself the magnificent and courageous art of surrender. She is learning to believe more readily with each passing experience, in what she sees and feels. She sees that her life is swaddled in grace and sweetness. She feels over and again that the fear that she has adopted is not congenital and is, in fact, quite misleading. She is learning how to create the path as she walks it, so that it spreads out behind her stepping feet as continual evidence of the grace and the love of the gods for her. She is learning to trust the landing of her feet and the direction they take her without a need to see the path unfolding before her. And that seems to be quite enough work for one lifetime.