Adam Eggertsen

Adam headshotAdam comes to Rasa with a wealth of professional knowledge and a genuine desire to help people in our community feel strong, flexible and well balanced.  Growing up in Hawaii, he developed a unique and very organic rhythm.  Classes develop in ease and strength like the tides ebb and flow.

 His yoga practice blossomed while attending Southern Oregon University in 2000.  He continued to attend yoga classes in the Ashland community as he achieved his BS in Health Promotion/Fitness Management.  Upon graduation, he began his professional life as a Personal Trainer, working at a locally owned gym in Medford.  We are proud that Adam came through the Rasa teacher training program.  Along with Rasa’s training, Adam has made a commitment to honing his craft with countless continuing education experiences, immersing himself in his trade and traveling to India to practice yoga and meditation.

 Concurrent to joining Rasa as a teacher, Adam opened his own training space here in Ashland where he teaches classes and does personal training.  When he is not teaching yoga, you can find him riding his bike or skateboard around town, eating sustainably grown food or working out at his gym with his friends and clients.

 Adam’s classes are quiet and strong, they develop slowly allowing the student to find the pose and settle into it.  He uses music sparingly, so participants can focus on their experience, without distractions.  His instructions are very precise and his knowledge of anatomy and physiology are obvious.  Though the rhythm tends to be downtempo, classes are physically challenging, and will leave participants feeling wonderfully accomplished.